Healthcare Print Media

We recently completed this trio of print pieces to promote specialized services offered by Madison Medical Sports & Rehab Center. Does your company offer a specialty service? How well are you getting the message out? These brochures are an affordable option for targeted messaging, and ideal for trade shows, healthcare events and in-office displays.

Healthcare Print Media designed by Graphic Matter

AOS – Always On – Show in Rhode Island

Graphic Matter once again worked with MassAv on a one day leadership event for Atrion. The action packed agenda featured high level presentations on CHANGE. The large widescreen presentation featured online polling, dynamic video spots and powerpoint.


GM in Florida for Spring Training


Bryce Harper & Warriorblack in Florida for Spring Training

Graphic Matter was recently in Florida at the Washington Nationals facility working with MVP Bryce Harper. Bryce is the brand ambassador for Warriorblack. We had the opportunity to both shoot photography and video of Bryce. The goal was to gather enough imagery and footage to used in various social media campaigns and presentations.


We just wrapped up a very busy 36 hour production in Boston for Akamai and MassAv. Three Shows that ran at 5pm, 11pm and 7am were  webcast worldwide. Once again we partnered with Akamai internal creative team to push the message to all the screens. 


SBDC @ Stone Pony

Thank you for your words of wisdom.

Kellie LeDet SBA

Marilyn Schlossbach, Langosta Lounge

Holly Migliaccio, Rook Coffee

Dr. Julie Goldman, the Original Runner Co

Stephanie Burroughs,  StephanieSpeaking LLC

Katherine O’Neill, Jumpstart

Donnalyn Gieferich, DLG Consulting



Graphic Matter is part of the production team putting on a pretty unique event in Nantucket.  here is a sample of the creative treatment  


Under the Big Tent

Graphic Matter will be on site in Nantucket to provide creative and graphic support for a very unique event. check out the site for details. Stay tuned for future posts from the show . speakers include Tony Blair. Steve Wozniak and Neal Young.