Outsourcing your SEO & ROI?

Alexa is a great resource for digital marketing tools and they have published a useful article to help businesses determine if they should outsource their SEO [Search Engine Optimization]. [READ MORE]

Social Media Calendar for Small Business

Are you planning your marketing for 2017? Here is a good article published on LinkedIn. Short but it answers many of the questions that our clients typically ask of us.


8 Steps to a Social Media Plan for Your Small Business

Beware of a Fake Google


Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Mashable posted this article today warning of a fake Google. These sites are getting tougher to distinguish, and as we click through our day it’s easy to miss these subtle clues. Take a moment to check it out.

Warriorblack is PINK in October

warriorblack pink

Graphic Matter recently completed a online and social media promotion for Warriorblack. Starting with a temporary redesign of the brand works very nicely with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month program. check out warriorblack.com

Go for the Greens 2016

Congratulations to Nancy Allen, President & CEO of WBDC of FL , on winning the Mary Schnack Award this past weekend at Go for the Greens #GFTGconf!

Graphic Matter was pleased to provide the accompanying PowerPoint presentation deck for the event.

Graphic Matter, WBENC certified Design Studio specializing in Print, Web, Presentation Graphics. Go for the Greens 2016 PowerPoint presentation designed by Graphic Matter, Inc.


Graphic Matter, WBENC certified Design Studio specializing in Print, Web, Presentation Graphics.

2016 Go for the Greens Recipient Nancy Allen., President & CEO of WBDC of FL


QualCare, Inc : Our client becomes our health insurance provider

QualCare, Inc. Member Portal designed by Graphic MatterWe just contracted with QualCare, Inc. to provide health benefits to Graphic Matter. What has us really excited is we now log into the healthcare portal that we designed! Find a Doctor, Find a Hospital, My Health Manager, Check Claim Status – we designed and created all of the screen views for each of these functions.

Launched January 2015, the new QualCare, Inc. member portal featured an updated look that enhanced their brand, improved user experience with a clearer distinction between public-access and member-only information, and met NCQA compliance requirements.

Behind the scenes details: The site was programmed in asp.net to dynamically populate from the client’s member/provider databases. We made the new site backward compatible to the their legacy systems and maximized the mobile compatibility using HTML & CSS.

We are just thrilled to now be an “end user” in this Graphic User Interface [GUI] design.

Rebtex launches new website

Graphic Matter created a new website for Rebtex, a new client based in Somerville NJ. This responsive mobile website is Rebtex’s first redesign since they launched their initial site in the 90s. Its amazing to think that they had a website 20 years ago, they were ahead of their time.





Why do we recommend WordPress?

GoDaddy just published a very informative article on why we are recommending the WordPress platform to many of our clients.


  1. Mature
  2. Established
  3. Scalable
  4. Versatile
  5. Free
  6. Safe
  7. Search Engine Friendly
  8. Mobile Ready
  9. Well-supported
  10. Easy to Manage
  11. Customizable
  12. Multimedia Capable
  13. Collaborative

To read the full article click here.


J.T. Lawler launches a new website


Graphic Matter designed this new website for NJ’s premier fine interior home painter. This responsive website features a gallery of their before and after photos of client work.