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We designed the presentations for the 2014 CBS Affiliates Meeting at  MOMA in NYC. Presentations were also run on show site for the Marketing, Sports, Government and  News divisions of CBS.

DESIGN . Print


2013 Annual Report for the Visiting Nurse Association of Somerset Hills.

We have created annual reports for this client for several years. Last year, the length of the 2012 Annual Report was reduced to be more environmentally conscious. The challenge: finding the right balance of how much information to omit without compromising the quality of the message, and still meet the needs of the audience. In this second year of the more concise report, the response has been extremely positive.

DESIGN . Brand + Web


Rebranding & new website for Wake Technologies. The client equated the innovative services they provide to that of a wake made by forward movement through water. new




Logo Refresh: Update to existing logo to mark the occasion of the Creative Laminating‘s move to a new facility.

DESIGN : Brand Development


New logo design for a start-up consulting company, Ottimo Career Coaching. The name Ottimo [meaning PEAK in Italian] and the mountain image were selected by the client to depict the climb to success as a rugged journey of successes and setbacks.