You’ve been [re]Targeted

This is exactly what’s happening when something you’ve shopped online for –  and especially if you didn’t make a purchase – keeps popping up on every website you visit. It’s the Internet asking “Are you SURE you don’t want to purchase those boots?”

How does the Internet know that you wanted BOOTS?? You told it.

Retargeting | Digital MarketingRetargeting “is a form of online targeted advertising by which online advertising is targeted to consumers based on their previous Internet actions.” – Wikipedia

You checked out boots, maybe spent some time on that page comparing colors, sizes, reviews. By going to their website, you identified yourself as a qualified customer, one who is interested in their product and ready to buy, shortening their sales process. The online store noticed and deposited “cookies” [small bits of code] on your browser that told the Internet you’re in the market for these boots. Rather than post their ads to everyone, the boot company can instead target their efforts to a self-selected customer base [you], encouraging you with special offers and other shopping incentives.

Once you get past the “stalker” aspect of this marketing tactic you can see the genius.

New WordPress Website for Frenchtown Presbyterian Church

We redesigned this site to provide an updated, mobile-responsive site for Frenchtown Presbyterian Church that presents a simplified “clean” home page with easy access to information about church services, programs, and groups. It also features some of the beautiful stained glass windows of this historic building. The WordPress platform allows the church to affordably extend the site’s functionality with features such as events calendar and social media integration, and to easily perform their weekly content updates.

Bonus: Their weekly updates are great for SEO!

Frenchtown Presbyterian Church WordPress Website


We’re Playin the Classics

We just completed the new Reebok relaunch deck for Classics. The presentation highlighted new in store displays, imagery from line of shoes and branding calendars. The presentation was launched for the sales force on ipad tablets.

Twitter Analytics- Who are you ACTUALLY reaching?


Twitter Analytics | Social Media Marketing Tips | Graphic Matter | 908.359.860

Your twitter account is loaded with marketing insights!

You can access a full dashboard of Twitter Analytics data from the Profile & Settings menu [under your avatar in the top menu bar]. Your Top Tweets, their performance, and your audience demographic information are all available to help you understand who you’re actually reaching [you may be surprised]. From there you can decide to focus your tweets toward attracting followers from demographics that will most benefit your business strategy.

We’re always available to help you with your social media strategies and implementation – Give us a call!