So you checked out our blog and you think it is really great and has important advice for your business. Now you want to follow it on a regular basis, but we both know you are just going to get too busy and forget to come back and see what we have to say next week…. There has to be an easier way.

Lucky for us there is. Actually there are 4 primary ways to follow a blog on a regular schedule.

  1. Internet Browser Bookmarks. Simply bookmark your favorite blogs in your browser, then pick one day a week and check out each blog to see what is new.
  2. Subscribe to an RSS feed. Most blogs have a little orange button that says RSS. This will put a notification in your browser tool bar that this blog has a new posting, and a link to read the post.
  3. Configure your Email application to accept RSS feeds. Each email application is slightly different but the basic concept and process is the same for each application.
  4. Set up a Feed Reader page in your internet browser. Google offers a free feed reader service that is simple to use and very effective.

In the next few weeks we will discuss each option in more detail. Stay tuned!