Organic Search Engine Optimization [SEO] is a process to improve search engine ranking using natural, unpaid, algorithm-driven results. It is the foundation you must build before investing in paid search engine marketing. And it is both an art and a science.SEO-diagram

Mobile responsive website: If your website is not mobile responsive it will be penalized by Google and lose ranking, regardless of how good your content is. How do you tell? If it’s not, stop right here. The best place to allocate your marketing budget is on a new website.

Keyword-rich content: Search engine “crawlers” have become fairly sophisticated in identifying which sites contain relevant content to best match a search query. Choosing keywords that narrow the field and draw your best potential customer is gold – an art and a science.

Inbound links: It’s easy to add outbound links from your site to other online content. However, inbound links [when other sites link back to your site] are used by Google to validate the legitimacy of your site.

Frequent updates: Google tends to overlook stagnant website content in favor of sites that feature fresh copy & images. Blogging, content updates, and connecting your site with social media are all excellent, rank-boosting solutions that will also improve your connections with your client base. WordPress-based websites feature user-friendly interfaces that allow non-programmers to make updates as often as they like, putting more control in your hands.

There are other more technical factors such as keyword-rich metadata and page titles to consider. If you’re interested in a website audit, we can help you identify areas for improvement and focus your marketing efforts toward the right search engine optimization strategies.