QualCare, Inc.


QualCare, Inc., one of the region’s leading providers of healthcare coverage, provides the public and private marketplace with a higher-quality, lower-cost alternative to commercial insurance companies. QualCare’s network covers over 100 acute, specialty and rehabilitation hospitals, as well as over 31,000 physicians and other ancillary providers across New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. In 2015, Qualcare was purchased by Cigna.



Redesign the graphic user interface [GUI] for QualCare’s member portal website to improve the user experience, with a clearer distinction between public-access and member-only information, compliance with NCQA requirements, and an updated design that enhances their brand.

The site must be compatible with QualCare’s existing member databases and their legacy systems.



Worked with the client to better organize the site content:

  • Two distinct navigation hierarchies to distinguish public access and member-only pages.
  • Developed icons to visually identify select services offered by QualCare.

The site is programmed in asp.net to dynamically populate from the client’s member/provider databases. It is also backward-compatible to the their legacy systems and maximized for mobile compatibility using HTML & CSS.



A dramatically updated and more intuitive GUI that meets all compliance requirements and is compatible with QualCare’s legacy systems.