You’ve made the decision to begin a blog for your business. How do you get started? Not to worry. The Graphic Matter team is ready to provide guidance as you embark on your blogging endeavor.

Before diving right in and writing your first post – or any subsequent post, for that matter – you need to answer these 3 questions:

1. What purpose will your blog serve?

Identify the role your blog will have in your business. How will your audience benefit when they visit your blog. For example, will they receive information about upcoming events or new products? Will this serve as an information exchange with other participants?

2. Who is your blog’s audience?

To whom are you writing – your client base? Your potential client base? Both?

3. What results are you looking for?

Set some goals for what you want to achieve through your blog and how do you intend to measure your results. How will you know if you successfully met your goal?

With a little planning, you will ensure your business blog maintains its focus in terms of content and audience, and provides your readers with what they are looking for – and you will reap the rewards.

Look for more in-depth answers to these questions in upcoming posts. And, as always, assistance from the Graphic Matter team is just a phone call away.