seo & sem


“If content is King, then conversion is Queen.” John Munsell, CEO, Bizzuka


“I have Google Analytics installed. Why am I not on the first page?”

“I want my business to rank 1st in Google searches.”

Competing in the big pond = big marketing spend. But maybe the big pond isn’t your sweet spot?

A good Search Engine Optimization [SEO] and Search Engine Marketing [SEM] strategy can propel your business’ internet presence from “yeah we’ve got a website” to “wow, I’m seeing them everywhere.” The goal is simple: bring the best “qualified” customers to your site, with a high rate of conversion – sales, or whatever action you define as success.

The rules are simple, too: Content Matters. We make sure you have keyword-rich content in all the places Google [or Bing, Yahoo and other search engines] is looking, and are prepared to seize every opportunity.

Call us for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that maximizes your budget, increases your search engine ranking, and more importantly, grows your business.


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