QualCare, Inc. Member Portal designed by Graphic MatterWe just contracted with QualCare, Inc. to provide health benefits to Graphic Matter. What has us really excited is we now log into the healthcare portal that we designed! Find a Doctor, Find a Hospital, My Health Manager, Check Claim Status – we designed and created all of the screen views for each of these functions.

Launched January 2015, the new QualCare, Inc. member portal featured an updated look that enhanced their brand, improved user experience with a clearer distinction between public-access and member-only information, and met NCQA compliance requirements.

Behind the scenes details: The site was programmed in asp.net to dynamically populate from the client’s member/provider databases. We made the new site backward compatible to the their legacy systems and maximized the mobile compatibility using HTML & CSS.

We are just thrilled to now be an “end user” in this Graphic User Interface [GUI] design.